Polymer_pipesWe are dealing in a few commonly used Polymers like PET, PVC and PE. These along with PP are the 4 most produced polymers. They have a wide range of applications and a variety of grades which make them very versatile.
The main polymers we are dealing in are:
Polyethylene terepthalate is a thermoplastic polymer resin used mainly for synthetic fibres and containers for food and liquid beverages. It also finds some use in Engineering Resins, often along with Glass Fibre. The acronym PET is generally used for the packaging application, whereas the product used for synthetic fibre goes by the name of polyester. Packaging application accounts for about 30% of total PET produced and synthetic fibres accounts for about 60% We generally offer PET for packaging (Mineral Water bottles, Bottles for Carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc). The product is sourced from China and Thailand.

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It is the third most produced synthetic polymer. It comes in 2 basic forms, Rigid (RPVC) and Flexible. Rigid PVC is used in construction (Pipes, profiles for door and windows, bottles and packaging for non food applications, Credit cards etc. Flexible PVC is produced by adding plasticizers. It is used for some plumbing applications, Electrical Insulation, Imitation Leather etc. It has also started replacing rubber in some applications. We offer PVC of Thai origin.

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