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yellow bottlesThis group of chemicals consists of Petroleum derivatives like Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly and also naturally occurring non-edible oil like Castor Oil BP / USP grade.

The main products that we deal in from this category of Chemicals are:
Petroleum Jelly
This product is currently being sourced out of India, though sourcing from South Korea is also possible. The main uses are baby oils, sunscreen lotions, carrier for antibiotics in veterinary use, food grade plant spray oils etc. WMOs are also used as lubricants in the food and beverage industry.

REACH not required

White Mineral Oil (BP/USP grade)

Petroleum Jelly finds varied applications in ointments, pain balms and cosmetic creams. It is also used in skin ointments / pain rubs. Cream Grade Petroleum Jelly finds its application in skin creams and foot care creams. Ophthalmic Grade Petroleum Jelly is used in eye ointments, eye applications and special cosmetic creams.

Pre REACH Registration

Castor Oil (BP/USP Grade)
The most common uses of Castor Oil are as excipients / additives as lubricant component of coating for vitamin and mineral tablets.

REACH not required

It has the following major applications:
Fragrance Industry (to lower the vapour pressure to prolong the odour), Food Industry (As a plasticizer for example in Cigarette filter), Foundry Resin Industry (Setting agent), Plasticizers for Vinyl and Acrylic Resins Pharmaceutical Industry (as as Carrier) Dye Industry (as a solvent) Food Industry (Coatings for Food contact).

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