Contruction Chemical

Construction Chemicals

This encompasses a wide range of chemicals (and other products) that are related to construction. We deal with chemicals and products for industrial construction, (e.g. Epoxy Resin for floorings for pharmaceutical plants or car park flooring) commercial construction, (Compact Laminates for washroom partitions in malls/offices of Decorative Laminates for work stations) and residential construction (Compact Laminates for kitchen countertops, MDF and decorative laminates for furniture).

Paints n Coatings 3

Paints, Coatings and Inks

This group of chemicals consists of raw materials for Alkyd Resins, Pigments, Solvents etc. used in manufacturing Resins for Paints and Inks. It also includes pigments like TiO2 and additives like MEKO.


Polyurethane / Elastomers

This is a category of chemicals that is growing very rapidly. PU Foam (Rigid, Semi Rigid and Flexible) has a number of applications in construction, automotive industry and home decor. Rigid Foam finds use both in industrial and commercial construction. It is used as cold insulation for pipes carrying low temperature fluids. It is also used for insulation of ducts in air conditioning in large commercial buildings (Airports, Office complex etc).


Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Skincare Products

This group of chemicals consists of Petroleum derivatives like Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly and also naturally occurring non-edible oil like Castor Oil BP / USP grade.


Lubricants/Transformer Oil & Grease

These are Crude Oil based products. They come in different viscosities for different applications. The main products that we handle in this category are WMO (Technical Grade), Transformer Oil and Synthetic Lube Oils for Automotive applications.


Foundry Chemicals

This is a group of chemicals which are used directly or after processing in foundries. They may be used as binders for sand (Furan Resins) or as catalysts in the binding process (such as PTSA or TEA).



We are dealing in a few commonly used Polymers like PET, PVC and PE. These along with PP are the 4 most produced polymers. They have a wide range of applications and a variety of grades which make them very versatile.



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